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An Introduction to Soul Fractures
"Since we are built from our soul outwards, any attempt to be whole or successful, that does not consider the needs of the soul, is going to be inadequate at best."
- Guy Morrell-Stinson

About the Bonuses

My goal is to serve my audience by offering as much value as possible. As such, I have created a series of bonus videos to supplement each chapter of the book. I strongly suggest that you read each chapter first, and then refer to the chapter's bonus video after you have read the chapter. This is important because a proper understanding of the bonus videos depend on the content that is in each chapter.

You are invited to join us on Soul Fractures' Facebook page where you may enjoy the benefits of networking with other readers, ask questions and give feedback.

About this page's Introductory Video

Most of the bonus videos will be under 10 minutes in length. The introductory video is approximately 20 minutes, because it introduces important foundational concepts.


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You are invited to read my book called 'Soul Fractures.' Then go to if you want to be considered for my limited-opportunity training to become a uniquely qualified specialists and potential world authority in a direction of your choice. This is an very valuable (limited) opportunity that may be withdrawn at any time.

Let's Work Together

There are many ways to work together. These range from keynote speaking to leadership training, group workshops, individual coaching and much more. Creative ideas and requests are always considered and treated with respect.

Contacting Guy Morrell-Stinson

Genuine inquiries are welcome. You may leave a message at (561) 223-9473. Calls that do not leave a message will probably not returned. Alternatively, members of the Soul Fractures FaceBook group may private message Guy there.

Guy presently lives in Palmdale California. Permission is hereby denied for junk mail and unsolicited post. Postal address is available to legitimate requests only.


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